Photo of Dusan Sulaja

Dusan Sulaja

Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor


Dusan got familiar with the world of dance at the age of 7 when his parents enrolled him to folk dance school in Serbia, Novi Sad. He has been enjoying learning to dance and decided to expand his knowledge by enrolling to 2 more dance styles: Slovakian folk dances and ballroom dances. Later Dusan found ballroom style of dance more challenging and exciting and together with his partner they started to compete and become finalists of Serbian National Championships. While he was free from practicing and training, Dusan was teaching ballroom dancing to adults and kids.
From 2014-2016 Dusan has been teaching at Dance Studios Dubai and after 2 years of successful work with us,he decided to have a break and go back to home co untry to take lessons from top teachers in Serbia and broaden his knowledge. During that time he was competing and representing Serbia in major competitions.

In 2017 Dance Studios Dubai is happy to welcome Dusan back to its team!

Dusan’s motto: “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance!”
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