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Anita Fiorini

General Manager of Dance Studios Dubai



I fell in love with dancing at the age of 11 after seeing a tv show with a performance of a 10 year old and extremely talented ballerina. On that day it was clear for me that it’s too late… Only many years later being completely involved in the world of ballroom dancing I made another conclusion – it’s never late to start dancing. Well, one of the reasons to open Dance Studios JLT was my deep desire to finally start it.

My little sister

Yana was dropped at a dance school at the age of 5 first time. She keeps saying she was 7 but it’s only because she doesn’t remember the story before that. She was lucky and a victim at the same time to be dragged to professional sport – ballroom dancing – without realizing that. When the first results were visible at the age of 7 or 8 all the family seemed to be excited to see Yana in the finals of dance competitions. With the time passing by all her life began to turn around dancing. And so was for me and our parents. Endless trainings, beautiful costumes, a lot of trips. It was usual to hear dancing rumors at our kitchen too.

No need to say that my dream to dance was hidden far away in all that happening.

My sister is a dancer until now. With some rises and falls in her dancing career she now chose to dedicate her life to this beautiful sport. With her partner Janos they are regulars at dance shows and are preparing for professional dance competitions. They are both amazing dancers and amazing teachers.

I had a chance to work with them on my own wedding dance and of course that was the show all the guests will remember forever!

Dance Studios Dubai

Dancing is still a dream for me. And now knowing so much about it I realize that I am at the very beginning. Right after just becoming an expat I started my search for a proper school for dance practices in Dubai for myself to take dance classes.

After a while I gave up searching and decided it’s time to share the passion for dance with others. That’s how Dance Studios JLT was born. Now we are a team and we are growing every day. We are happy to introduce you to ballroom dancing as well.

Dancing teaches a lot of nice details applicable for everyday life. And we promise that in every class you’ll not only learn a new step but what is more important you’ll learn how to do in a proper way with grace and style. You’ll be whispered some secrets about that step explaining why and how this particular step is as it should be. And then after few classes staring at dancing people at some social club you’ll be able to recognize their steps and mistakes and feel a dancer growing inside of you. That’s where you start to dream and imagine yourself dancing… with the one you love… with the ones you like to share time together… . And of course like all the rest those dreams will come true very soon.

Dance Studios Dubai is here, in Dubai, close to you and doors are open.

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