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Photo of Anita Fiorini
Anita Fiorini
General Manager of Dance Studios Dubai

I fell in love with dancing at the age of 11 after seeing a tv show with a performance of a 10 year old and extremely talented ballerina …

Photo of Milan Ivanisevic
Milan Ivanisevic

Milan has completed his professional business studies in Serbia, his motherland. After having a great experience of working in school administration …

Photo of Eva Toth
Eva Toth
Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor

Eva started her career as a professional dancer at the age of 9 after she had seen beautiful ballroom dancing performance at one of the local TV channels in Serbia …

Photo of Dusan Sulaja
Dusan Sulaja
Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor

Dusan got familiar with the world of dance at the age of 7 when his parents enrolled him to folk dance school in Serbia, Novi Sad …

Photo of Mariia Proskurnina
Mariia Proskurnina
Professional 10 Ballroom Dance Instructor

Mariia started her professional dance career at the age of 6 at her school in Ukraine. Already at this young age she understood she wanted to connect her life with dancing …

Photo of Janos Aladic
Janos Aladic
Choreographer, Manager of Dance Studios JLT

Janos was born in Serbia and started his ballroom education in a small local dance studio at the age of 7 …

Photo of Yana Gorbunova-Aladic
Yana Gorbunova-Aladic
Choreographer, Manager of Dance Studios Dubai Branch

Yana was not an exception and went to a dance school at a very early age. She enjoyed to show her progress in dancing on competitions and at first on small school shows …